The Birth of Jesus Christ | Victor Tey


Luke’s Gospel

  1. Mary visited by Gabriel – Luke 1:26-38
    1. We ought to have Mary’s attitude when we know God’s will and we will also be used of God.
  2. Mary goes to stay with Elizabeth – Luke 1:39-56
    1. Mary blessed because of her faith
  3. Joseph and Mary move to Bethlehem to be taxed – Luke 2:1-7
    1. Governments have been unnecessarily burdening citizens since the birth of Christ.
    2. Reminds me of Elizabeth and I walking around Monterrey when Elizabeth was really pregnant.
  4. The shepherds – Luke 2:8-20
    1. If they didn’t act on the message they would have missed out on the blessing (seeing Jesus)
    2. When you look upon Jesus it will compel you to tell others
    3. If you’re not compelled to win souls, it’s probably because you’re spending more time looking at the world than at Jesus in your bible. Need to turn your heart into good ground.
  5. Christ’s circumcision and presentation at the Temple – Luke 2:21-38
    1. Law of Circumcision – Genesis 17:9-14
    2. Law of Purification – Leviticus 12:1-8
    3. The two witnesses of Christ’s birth
  6. Joseph and Mary return to Nazareth – Luke 2:39

Matthew’s Gospel

  1. Mary found pregnant – Matthew 1:18-19
    1. Probably after she returned after 3 months from taking care of Elizabeth
  2. Joseph visited by Angel – Matthew 1:20-25
    1. Joseph was a man of faith also.
    2. Possibly why the couple was chosen to be the Lord’s earthly parents.
  3. The wise men – Matthew 2:1-12
    1. The light you’re following won’t save you, but it will eventually lead you to Christ.
    2. “We Three Kings” is a hymn with incorrect doctrine and should not be sung.
      1. Believed to be three of them due to the three types of gifts
      2. Wise men are not kings (Gen 41:8, Dan 5:7)
    3. Not part of the stable “nativity scene” because they worshipped Christ in a house.
  4. Joseph and Mary flee to Egypt – Matthew 2:13-18
    1. Again we see the faith of Joseph, he didn’t wait until the morning to act on the vision from God.
  5. Joseph and Mary can’t return to Judea and so return to Nazareth – Matthew 2:19-23
    1. We discover the reason they returned to Nazareth instead of Bethlehem in Luke 2:39 from Matthew’s gospel.
  6. The Nativity Scene Test
    1. Refer to Keynote images below.
    2. Revelation 12:1-5 – Another take on the nativity scene.

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