Abusers of Themselves with Mankind (1 Corinthians 6:9) | Victor Tey

This sermon goes into the topics of whether or not homosexuals can be saved, the lust of homosexuality vs the act of homosexuality, testimonies of ex-homosexuals, and how we should act toward homosexuals.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 abusers of themselves with mankind – 6 positions on this verse:

  1. Objection: There were homosexuals as described in Romans 1 in the Corinthian church who are now saved and therefore all homosexuals can be saved
    1. No distinction between Romans 1 and 1 Cor 6
  2. We simply do not know what “abusing yourself with mankind” is referring to
  3. It is referring to an abusive act to oneself that may not be sexual in nature.
  4. It is just listing this sin amongst many sins that are committed in the world but they do not all necessarily apply to anyone specifically in the Corinthian church.
    1. Therefore the fact that they are washed from their sins has no bearing on the list of sins mentioned.
    2. It was simply referring to the type of people in the world that should not be judging issues amongst believers.
    3. The phrase “of such” is pretty hard to overcome with this position in my opinion.
  5. It is simply another reference to fornication of some kind.
    1. Possible if you accept that adultery is a type of fornication and yet it is also mentioned.
    2. But adultery is specifically fornication with a married woman
    3. The only other forms of fornication apart from the regular unmarried situation is homosexuality and beastiality.
    4. But the verse says “mankind” so that rules out beastiality.
    5. So the case for “abusers of themselves with mankind” being homosexuality is definitely solid.
  6. My position: This is referring to the homosexual act but there is a distinction between the homosexual act committed by someone who is not reprobate, and the homosexual act committed by someone who is reprobate.
    1. Rom 1 describes an individual given over to a lust.
    2. 1 Cor 6 describes an individual who has committed the act
    3. But 1 Cor 6:9 specifically describes this sodomy as “abuse”.
      1. Previous english bibles had this greek word translated to “sodomites”
      2. Again this is strong evidence that 1 Cor 6:9 is referring to homosexuality
    4. What is abuse? – When something wrong is done to you against your will
      1. Some twisted people get pleasure from pain – is that considered abuse even though it’s unnatural and harmful?
      2. I’m not referring to people who see pain as progress – eg. exercise
      3. Spanking is not abuse because it’s right to do. But if something is wrong to do then it is abuse.
      4. Professional fighting is not abuse because it is consent
    5. People who commit the act but do not lust for it are abusing themselves
      1. Money
      2. Acceptance
      3. Fear of rejection
      4. Deceived
      5. Coerced
      6. Company
      7. Drugs & Alcohol
      8. Peer Pressure
      9. Curiosity
      10. But they know in their heart what they’re doing is wrong and unnatural and they don’t actually take pleasure in the act itself. Just a by-product of being willing to perform the act by the reprobate that is taking advantage of them.
    6. Some people have committed the act, yet believe, but have doubts about their salvation because they don’t think it’s possible for a believer to commit homosexuality. It’s possible, but just not possible to be given over to the lust.
    7. If there’s no distinction between Rom 1 and 2 Cor 6, then what is the big deal about Rom 1’s judgment?

What about testimonies of people who were given over to the lust of homosexuality and are now saved?

  1. Michael Glatze
    1. WorldNetDaily article on homosexual man turned fundamental baptist bishop.
    2. Interview Link
      1. “They may try to re-make God in their own image, to fit their sin (as many “liberal Christians” attempt to do, and I attempted to do for a year or so, when I imagined that I could be a “gay Christian.”) But, ultimately, the truth will prevail, and the person truly hungry for right fellowship with the One, True God will renounce their sins and embark on the healing process.
    3. Article Link
      1. “My religious beliefs are these: Jesus Christ came to take upon Him all of our sins. There is a place called The Kingdom of God. The only way to the Kingdom of God is through Jesus Christ. We must “give up our lives for His sake” and do as He commands, and we become welcomed in the Kingdom of God.
      2. “I spent nights, days, so much time alone, praying and “giving up my will” to His.
  2. Emily Satterfield
    1. Lesbian girl turned testimony “preacher”.
    2. YouTube Video Link
      1. 24:35 – preaching lordship salvation
    3. Comment on video:
      1. “not only not doing the wrong things. Jesus was the only substitute that could take the wrath of God for all of mankind that would repent and believe, and He did. You and me both were born sinful. And because of that we’ve sinned. Ever told a lie? Lusted for a woman? He said if we’re guilty of ANY part of His law, we’re guilty of all of it. Jesus can take the place of you, friend, if you’ll repent (turn from your sin and self and to Christ) and believe (believe that He is who He said He was and that He can pardon your sins). Read John. There you’ll learn more about Him and what it means to be a disciple. Check out Grace to You videos on here or Paul Washer or Desiring God. Search for any one of those; they’ve all got tons of resources. I pray He draws you and saves you like He saved me.
  3. Remember Judas Iscariot
    1. John 13:21-30 – Jesus plainly tells them who was not saved and would betray him
    2. Judas had them all fooled
    3. What do you think Judas would have said if you asked him if he believed?
    4. This is why I don’t base my doctrine on anecdotal evidence – testimonies and stories
    5. I base what I believe on the scriptures. It stops me from being deceived.

How should we associate with homosexuals?

  1. Don’t ask, don’t tell.
  2. Innocent until proven guilty
  3. If someone is a little effeminate in their dress and demeanor, I’m just going to give them the benefit of the doubt until it is proven to me.
  4. I don’t think we need to treat them any different that we would an adulterer – adultery is also a capital punishment crime.
  5. If I knew a colleague was an adulterer would I be adverse to working with them.
  6. I can still do my job and be pragmatic to get the job done without having to befriend them personally.
  7. But would I seek fellowship with them? I wouldn’t with an unrepentant adulterer either.
  8. But you may need to change jobs if the environment is particularly toxic
    1. ill. when I was working in a restaurant where I was the only straight male and the boss was acting unseemly toward me. I told him off and he never tried again. Eventually he left the restaurant.
    2. ill. I was working quite closely (out of necessity) with a homosexual who was made redundant
    3. So God can fix your situation but that doesn’t mean you can’t be wise about your working conditions to keep your spirit clean.
    4. Sometimes the environment and conversations are constantly depraived, your spiritual walk with Christ is more important than the money the job pays you.

Should we hate homosexuals?

  1. Reprobate homosexuals – Yes
    1. Abusers of themselves with mankind – No
    2. You have to make a judgment call on whether they are a Rom 1 or 2 Cor 6 homosexual.
    3. I believe the out-and-proud homosexual is Rom 1.
    4. 2 Cor 6 would not be advertising the abuse to himself.
  2. Weak arguments
    1. We hate reprobate homosexuals because they are enemies of God
      1. James 4:2-5 – believers are capable of being enemies of God through being a friend of the world
      2. Romans 5:8-10 – All unbelievers are enemies of God. God died for his enemies
      3. This is the example we have to “love your enemies” (See Matthew 5:44 and Luke 6:27,35)
  3. But we also have examples from God on who to hate – see sermon “How to Become a Reprobate”
    1. Some preachers in their zeal for God (but not according to knowledge) say things like “God may have given up on them but I’m just going to keep trying.”
    2. Talk about vanity of vanities?
    3. I’m not going to love who God hates – Am I more loving than God?
    4. If he’s my perfect example, if I’m meant to be perfect as he is perfect, should I be acting in a way that is contrary to a decision he has made?
    5. Mat 5:44-45 – He sends the rain on the just and unjust
      1. He isn’t going out of his way to exclude them from blessings, but he’s no longer seeking them to be saved from hell.
      2. So I won’t go out of my way to exclude them if I’m doing something at work, but I won’t be going out of my way to give them the gospel.
      3. They are definitely not welcome in this church.
      4. There is nothing more hateful than withholding the gospel.


  • Can a homosexual be saved? It depends on how you define the term “homosexual”.
  • Can a person who has committed the act of homosexuality be saved? Yes.
  • Can a person who has been given over to the lust of homosexuality be saved? No.
  • This is the distinction between a Romans 1 reprobate homosexual and 2 Corinthians 6 abuser of themselves homosexual. This will be the determining factor on whether you ought to love or hate that individual. There is nothing more hateful than withholding the grace of God from someone. The end is hell.



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