The Reality of Abortion (Pro-Choice, Woman’s Right to Choose) | Victor Tey

The reality of abortion is brutal and horrific. I wonder how many abortion advocates would change their views if they knew what actually occurs during an abortion procedure. How many would-be mothers might change their mind and instead choose adoption as an alternative? During this sermon I decided to show a video explaining several abortion procedures along with a detailed explanation from an ex-abortionist doctor. I hope you take the time to watch and grow a healthy hatred for the barbaric murder of innocent children.

All Women in the Bible Who Were Barren Eventually Had A Child

  1. Barren
    1. Sara (Abraham’s wife) gave birth to Isaac – Genesis 21:1-3
    2. Rebekah (Isaac’s wife) gave birth to Jacob and Esau – Genesis 25:21
    3. Rachel (Jacob’s wife) gave birth to Joseph and then Benjamin – Genesis 30:22-24
    4. Manoah’s wife (Samson’s mother) – Judges 13:1-3
    5. Hannah (Elkanah’s wife) gave birth to Samuel – 1 Samuel 1:19-20
    6. Shunammite woman with Elisha – 2 Kings 4:14-17
    7. Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist – Luke 1:7,57
  2. Cursed
    1. Michal – either David no longer went in unto her or God cursed her for her attitude – 2 Samuel 6:23

Abortion is murder

  1. Bible support that life begins at conception
    1. Matthew 1:23 / Isaiah 7:14
    2. 2 Samuel 11:4-5
  2. Any form of birth control that kills a child is the equivalent of murder.
    1. Some birth control drugs cause silent abortions because they don’t prevent conception.
    2. Others actually kill a child that already has fingers.
    3. I would avoid hormonal methods due to the potential side effects.
  3. Abortion is so wicked
    1. VIDEO link
      1. This is the reality of it, see it for what it is and hate it!
      2. If you’re a christian and pro-choice – shame on you.
      3. Jeremiah 19:4-5 – blood of innocents
      4. Dr Levatino changed due to losing a daughter he adopted
  4. Abortion in Australia – click here for Wikipedia article
    1. NSW – abortions are unlawful under sections 82-84 of the Crimes Act 1900,[8] but the interpretation of the law is subject to the Levine ruling, from R v Wald of 1971,[9] itself derived from the Victorian Menhennitt ruling, which held an abortion to be legal if a doctor found ‘any economic, social or medical ground or reason’ that an abortion was required to avoid a ‘serious danger to the pregnant woman’s life or to her physical or mental health’ at any point during pregnancy.
      1. This was expanded by the Kirby ruling of 1994,[10] which extended the period during which health concerns might be considered from the duration of pregnancy to any period during the woman’s life, even after the birth of the child. This arguably precludes any successful prosecutions for illegal abortions. Despite this, in 2006, a doctor, Suman Sood, was convicted of two counts of performing an illegal abortion where she failed to enquire as to whether a lawful reason for performing the abortion did exist.[11][12]
    2. ACT – reference to abortion as a criminal offence were repealed by the Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Act 2002. Before then abortion law was for many years governed by case law under sections 82-84 of the Crimes Act 1900 of New South Wales. Section 9 of the “Human Rights Act 2004 (ACT)” confirms that pre-born human life do not enjoy the right to life. Full-term abortions on demand are legal in the ACT as there are no gestational limits.
    3. Can we make a difference?
      1. Of course!
      2. Not even that long ago – Christians were asleep at the wheel
      3. Acts 17:6 – turned the world upside down
      4. Jude 1:20-23 – Of some have compassion. Making a difference.
      5. Do we just console ourselves by saying this because we’re too lazy and selfish to do what it takes to make a difference? (Compare to org Getup)
      6. ill. starfish washed up on sea.
      7. You care what people think when you can’t defend your position. Knowledge is confidence.
  5. Exceptions to abortion?
    1. Law of Jealousies – Number 5:11-31 – not taken with the matter, shall conceive seed
    2. Rape – kill the rapist and adopt the child
    3. Save the life of the mother – deliver the child and attempt to save it also, no reason to intentionally kill the child if it can live.
    4. Emotional health – adoption
    5. Ectopic pregnancy – save the mother, if the mother dies the child dies also

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