Let Us Go On Unto Perfection | Victor Tey

 It’s true that good works don’t save us, but God desires good works in our life. Let’s not be content just to have the right doctrines but that we would go on unto perfection and do works that would glorify our Father in heaven.

Heb 6:1-12 – let us go on unto perfection = works

  1. We are confident in our doctrinal stance, but don’t let it stop there.
  2. dead works v dead faith
    1. Whilst a dead faith can save you, God wants a living faith.
  3. James 1:22-25 – doer of the work

Principles to consider when working for God

  1. Do your best
    1. 1 Cor 10:31 – all to the glory of God
      1. This means you always have to have God in mind when you do anything
      2. Serve God, not me. Don’t think, “Victor wants me to do these things.”
      3. I’m just telling you how God wants to be served.
    2. Col 3:23 – do it heartily
    3. Col 1:16 – by him, and for him
    4. Doesn’t mean things must be done perfectly – balance of result v time taken
  2. Get Wisdom
    1. Pro 4:5-13 – get wisdom
      1. You need to know what to do before you can do it
    2. Read and study your bible – I don’t know all the answers
    3. Be at church
    4. Ask questions
      1. If you are unsure of something
      2. If you don’t know how you can help
    5. Takes work to obtain wisdom
      1. Pro 2:1-6
  3. Be Diligent
    1. Hard-working
    2. Attention to detail
    3. Being thorough – high standards
    4. Take ownership – generally you treat things that belong to you better
    5. Finish the job – cleaning up
    6. Pro 13:4 – people want results without being willing to do the work
      1. They want honour without labour
      2. They want a promotion at work without putting in the effort required
      3. You want people to be saved, what are you doing about it?
      4. You want this church to grow, what are you doing about it?
    7. People complain about things but aren’t willing to do anything to fix/change it.
      1. Judges 6:11-16 – Gideon, have not I sent thee?
      2. People give me suggestions and then I tell them to make it happen and they react like Gideon.
      3. I think if we knew how much effort the godless agenda puts in to effect change we would be ashamed of ourselves.
    8. It’s easy to want something more, but are you willing to do what it takes?
      1. Mark 10:35-45 – James and John seek to sit on the right and left hand of Christ
    9. Be faithful in the small things
      1. Luke 16:10-12 – he that is faithful in that which is least…
      2. Jer 12:5 – how canst thou contend with horses?

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