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What I think about Christmas.

Christmas Traditions

Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas?

  1. Romans 14:1-6
  2. Celebrating Christmas is a “doubtful disputation”
  3. Advantages – it is a well known holiday that reminds people of Christ.
  4. Disadvantages – the traditions are not biblical and pressure conformity without true love and meaning

Is Christmas a pagan holiday?

  1. The Purpose – Remembering the Lord’s Birth
    1. Nothing inherently sinful with honouring the Lord’s birth on a specific day
    2. It’s true that we are never given any ordinance to remember the Lord’s birth.
    3. Definitely not a pagan purpose
  2. The Name
    1. Why is it called Christmas?
    2. “Christ Mass” = Catholic?
    3. Mass = Liturgy + Bread & Cup
  3. The Origin of the Date
    1. The bible does not give us the date that Christ was born.
    2. If the stories of its history on how the date came to be are true (day to worship the sun god) then the reason for the date was originally of pagan significance.
    3. Does that make the date pagan? Just because something was celebrated on that day first, does that prevent any other religion using that day for their celebration? The day itself is neutral (eg. a building is neutral but can be used by many organisations)
    4. Why not take the dates back? Reprobates don’t care about taking God’s symbols and re-defining them. I would love to rent a mosque just to stick it to the religion of Islam, I’m sure they love changing church buildings into muslim prayer locations.
    5. Don’t be ignorant of the origin of the date before you push the “real reason for the season” line.

Are Christmas traditions pagan?

The Feasts and Decorations

  1. Pagans are not the only ones who feast… God had feasts as part of the OT covenant.
    1. Turkeys and Hams – I only eat them because on 23rd Dec they’re all half price!
  2. It is not a sin to decorate your house with things that have a spiritual significance.
    1. Symbols and numbers are common so it’s easy to find patterns to link them and create a ‘satanic’ narrative.

Giving Gifts

  1. Is it a sin to receive gifts?
    1. Exodus 23:6-9 – thou shalt take no gift
    2. Deuteronomy 16:18-20 – compare this to Exodus 23 verses.
  2. God gives gifts
    1. James 1:17 – every good gift and every perfect gift is from above
    2. Romans 6:23 – gift of God is eternal life

Problems with Santa Claus

  1. It’s a lie. Educate kids, but don’t lie to them.
    1. Don’t support the “christmas industry” by buying vain merchandise (santa, elves, reindeer)
  2. He knows if you’ve been bad or good – omniscience is an attribute of God, not even Satan is omniscient even though many believe he is.
  3. The promotion of children to write letters to him asking for things like prayer
  4. Promotes materialism in children – they’re not asking Santa to bless others but what they want for themselves.
  5. Can be everywhere at once to deliver presents – omnipresence is an attribute of God, not even Satan is omnipresent
  6. He’s fat – bad role model for good health
  7. His outfit looks ridiculous and I’ve read the colours originated from Coca Cola – this is why it’s funny when someone dresses as santa
  8. Sin of being referred to as “Father” Christmas
  9. Lives with a bunch of little boys who are forced to work under a socialist regime – who’s paying for all the gifts?

Christmas Trees

  1. Is decorating a tree for Christmas idolatry?
    1. It’s not a graven or molten image. What did you carve or melt to cut and place a tree in your house?
    2. it’s not a sin to have a molten or graven image, the sin is to worship that image. Ex 20:4-6
    3. It’s not biblical – It may be a thing christians do, but it’s not a “christian thing” to do.
    4. At best, it’s a family activity that may be a way for children to remember certain biblical stories and themes. (eg. star of Bethlehem, blood of Christ, new life, etc)
  2. Jer 10:1-10 – 4 reasons this passage cannot be about decorating a tree.
    1. v5 Compared to a tree, so obviously cannot be talking about a tree
    2. v5 Designed to be carried, but Christmas trees are designed to be stationary
    3. v9 Nobody decorates Christmas trees with clothing
    4. v9 Decorating a tree doesn’t require much skill to put up and decorate.
  3. What about those that refer to worshipping in the groves? How is a single tree all of a sudden a grove?
    1. Or are they referring to the trees when they’re still on the farm?
    2. So a fruit farm is a grove also because it is trees grown for commercial purposes?

Worship the Lord in spirit and truth

  1. John 4:19-24
  2. Whatever you do, don’t be ignorant, don’t lie to your children, and worship the Lord in spirit AND truth.

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