Church Authority (Part 2) | Victor Tey

Preached by Victor Tey


How should bishops and deacons be ordained (appointed)? (1:40)

  1. By the authority of one elder/bishop
    1. Titus 1:5 – thee
    2. 2 Timothy 2:2 – thou
    3. Not self-ordained
    4. What if there is no one willing to ordain you?
      1. I don’t believe that will be the case, in fact it is NOT the case.
      2. You may need to move
      3. You may need to grow and learn to submit and get along – usually the case
  2. Top down not bottom up – the foolishness of voting (10:40)
    1. Authority is the majority, not the bishop(s)
      1. This is the problem with democracy
      2. Rule of the 51%
      3. Those in the 51% LOVE democracy
      4. Two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner
      5. “Gang rape is democracy in action” – Chris B
    2. Sheep choosing shepherd?
    3. Matthew 7:13-14 – the majority is usually wrong
      1. Same for boards of elders
      2. Boards of deacons
      3. bad arguments appeal to majority – ill. “no one believes that” – so what?
    4. If you can be voted in, you can be voted out
    5. Temptation to be a people pleaser
      1. Candidates campaigning before election
      2. Situation where no elders are elected
    6. What if leadership becomes corrupt?
      1. It’s ordained this way because of accountability
      2. I would rather go with one qualified man than with a majority of sinners
      3. Leave that church and join a church that isn’t.

A few thoughts on the qualifications of a bishop and deacon. (23:28)

  1. Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3
    1. Character is emphasised more than doctrine
    2. Family is the test of character and leadership
    3. Doctrine must be based upon the word of God, not tradition.

Should a church have multiple elders? (34:18)

    1. Numbers 11:24-29
    2. Are there even multiple men qualified to have multiple? – If ANY desire/be blameless
    3. If you had multiple, why not spread them out?
    4. Can you support multiple elders?
    5. Accountability? they’re accountable to God, not to each other.
      1. If they disagreed, they would just separate.
      2. One bishop should not have authority over another.
    6. There doesn’t need to be a hard and fast rule, liberty among God’s people.
    7. I’m more concerned about what they teach as opposed to how they’re structured

Why are we an independent church? (41:26)

  1. Christ is the head of this group/church
    1. Ephesians 5:23-24, Colossians 1:13-19 – every church answers to Christ, not to one another
    2. Submitting to the authority in that church is part of obeying Christ – Hebrews 13
    3. Independent doesn’t mean no government, it means self-government. We are not governed by another church.
    4. One reason people adamantly oppose a ‘universal church’
  2. 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 – we are the body
    1. The body answers to the head and not to another body part
    2. If one church goes bad it won’t take the others with it.
    3. It doesn’t mean churches can’t work together – the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee:
    4. All parts are necessary and have their role
    5. When someone is missing, the body doesn’t function optimally – you make a difference!
    6. Schisms in the body hurt the whole body – you can also make a negative difference!
    7. Matthew 12:30 – he that is not with me is against me
    8. Does my life encourage people to walk with God, or encourage them to walk in the world? we are not an island.
  3. Does independence mean financial independence? No. (51:55)
    1. Can a preacher be financially dependent and remain doctrinally independent? it’s possible
    2. Any paid bishop/deacon is financially dependent but hopefully doctrinally independent
  4. Dangers of being supported:
    1. Finances can be used to threaten a bishop to go against his conscience.
    2. The temptation is there to compromise – not greedy of filthy lucre
    3. Proverbs 22:7 – borrower is servant to the lender
    4. Matthew 6:24-33
      1. cannot serve God and mammon
      2. the church can become the authority if the bishop does not trust God to provide.
  5. Advantages of being supported:
    1. Money
    2. Resources
    3. No need to work a second job
    4. More focus on the work of the ministry
  6. Why I chose to start this church without financial support. (58:18)
    1. Poor use of time travelling and visiting churches
    2. Poor use of money – travel, food, accommodation, transaction fees, time off work
    3. Would churches have supported me knowing my positions?
    4. How long would they have continued supporting me once they discovered my positions?
    5. I knew I was going to be different and didn’t want the temptation to compromise.
    6. Our church is small enough for me to contribute to the giving rather than be supported by it
    7. I didn’t want the added worry of not knowing my family was going to be fed
    8. I wanted to be an example to other men, that you can be a devoted church member and a hard-working employee that is excelling at work.
    9. It’s not wrong to be supported, and one day I hope that will be the case at this church – christian activist

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