Response to Pastor Steven Anderson – “Victor Tey is a Liar (“The Church in Punchbowl”)”

Pastor Anderson in his latest response video tells his version of the wedding ceremony conflict. He makes it sound as though the wedding ceremony I was planning was going to be completely unorthodox, and describes the vows that I had written as “weird, avant-garde, exotic, trendy, not-typical and not-traditional”.

I am now going to prove to you that what he said is completely false.

I know for a fact that Pastor Anderson has no idea what my vows were, because he had refused to look at the one-page order of service I had written. Even though I had still invited his family to my wedding, he didn’t attend, and he has never seen the video recording.

I’m a pretty public person. I share a lot of photos and videos from my personal life. But the reason I have never publicly shared my wedding ceremony before is because I was married while I was attending Faithful Word Baptist Church, but Pastor Anderson didn’t officiate my wedding. People would naturally wonder why this is the case, and I wanted to avoid that public conversation because of what had happened.

Take note, that it was Pastor Anderson who first publicly raised the topic of all the “major problems” from my time at Faithful Word Baptist Church, which in my opinion, was mainly the wedding ceremony conflict. I had always intended to keep it private.

So for the first time in 7 years, on the week of my 7th wedding anniversary, I will share my wedding video with the world. This video has only been seen by a handful of my close friends and family (besides those who actually attended). So I’ll let you judge for yourself whether you think my vows were “weird, avant-garde, exotic, trendy, not-typical and not-traditional”.

Click here to download the Original Order of Service Document (added line to vows highlighted)

I want to point out that even in the ceremony the justice of the peace makes it a point that he is reading from the order of service I had prepared and passed to him on the day.

I never told Pastor Anderson what to preach for the sermon portion – I didn’t even tell the justice of the peace what to say for that part. Just remember, Pastor Anderson has never seen my vows, nor my order of service.

So you can see that for the vows, I literally only added 5 words, and they were:

“before God and these witnesses”

The reason why my vows are basically identical to the ones Pastor Anderson ministers, is because I’m pretty sure (I’m not 100% certain), that I got them from the Jack Hyles book that Pastor Anderson gave to me, when I started planning my wedding.

Here is the video of my entire wedding and reception. You will learn more about me and my past from my family’s speeches. Then you can see for yourself how “weird, avant-garde, exotic, trendy, not-typical and not-traditional” it really was.

I just want to be very clear to all witnessing this situation, that I still support a lot of Pastor Anderson’s work and I still think he has a lot of great preaching. I do not seek to destroy his ministry. It was just needful for me to defend myself and my church from the false accusations and slander. Also, I disagree strongly with his decision to excommunicate the 4-men he has labelled as “heretics” and how he has handled this whole situation. I make this very clear in the videos I released.


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