Response to Pastor Steven Anderson (Part 3) – The Church in Punchbowl History and Doctrines

Part 3 is some history behind The Church in Punchbowl and a brief defence on each of the doctrines raised by Pastor Anderson in his video.

Response Videos

Part 1: False Accusation (Modalist Heretic)
Part 2: My Experience at FWBC

Part 3: The Church in Punchbowl History & Doctrines
01:05 The Fundamentals We Believe
02:23 Clarification of PSA’s False Accusation Against TCIP
06:56 My Time at Lighthouse Baptist Church Sydney
10:16 TCIP’s Governing Document
13:27 My Open Differences with the Bishop of LHBC
18:24 Brief Explanation on Each of the Doctrines Raised by Pastor Anderson
18:54 1: “Baptist” Label – The Church Name
22:27 2: Alcohol
30:26 3: Divorce – The Bill of Divorcement
34:48 4: Pants on Women – Principles for Clothing (Part 2)
37:38 5: Musical Instruments – Musical Instruments
41:00 6: Tithing
43:45 7: “Non-Denom PowerPoint Church” Label – Why We Use a Projector
48:39 Closing Thoughts on Pastor Steven Anderson

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