Response to Pastor Steven Anderson (Part 2) – My Experience at Faithful Word Baptist Church

Part 2 is about my experience at Faithful Word Baptist Church and my perspective on the problems that happened whilst I was there.

Response Videos

Part 1: False Accusation (Modalist Heretic)

Part 2: My Experience at FWBC
00:54 Why I Went to FWBC
10:49 First Impressions of PSA and FWBC
19:26 Problem 1: “Calling Upon the Lord” Doctrine
32:41 Problem 2: Addressing Pastor Anderson by his First Name
48:47 Problem 3: Wedding Ceremony Disagreement
1:16:32 Our Last 4 Months at FWBC

Part 3: The Church in Punchbowl History & Doctrines

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