Baptism with Water (Part 2) | Victor Tey

We believe that the baptism with water is by immersion and only for believers.

Who should be baptized with water? 

  1. Only believers (ie. the saved)
    1. A commandment to obey, not a suggestion.
      1. Matthew 3:13-15 – to fulfil all righteousness
      2. Acts 2:37-38 – Peter commanded the Jews
      3. Acts 10:44-48 – Peter commands the Gentiles
      4. Matthew 28:18-20 – the great commission
    2. Romans 6:3-5
      1. Represents the baptism of Holy Ghost
      2. Why be baptized if this hasn’t happened to you yet?
    3. Acts 8:37
      1. Only faith hinders you from being baptized with water.
    4. Acts 19:1-7
      1. If you were “baptized” before you were saved, you still are not baptized and need to be baptized.
      2. Unbelievers should not be baptized just to join a membership list.
  2. Babies should NOT be baptized in ignorance.
    1. Colossians 2:11 – justified by claiming baptism is the NT circumcision.
      1. Only males were circumcised
      2. Circumcision added you to God’s people, baptism doesn’t.
    2. Acts 16:13-15 – Lydia’s house doesn’t mention whether they believed or not.
    3. Acts 16:30-34 – Philippian jailer was “believing in God with all his house”
    4. baby dedications = baptist infant baptism?

What is the baptism for the dead? 

  1. 1 Corinthians 15:17-29
    1. Baptism doesn’t save on earth, what good will it do to someone in hell who isn’t even the one being baptized?
    2. How do people get sucked into believing these sorts of things? eg. catholics and transubstantiation is scientifically falsifiable
    3. Luke 16:27-31 – why didn’t the rich man request that one of his brethren would be baptized for him?
    4. One explanation is that the Corinthians were doing what the Mormons do and Paul was just pointing out their inconsistency.
    5. I believe “the dead” is referring to Christ in the context of the passage.
    6. Compare to Romans 6:3-4
      1. We are buried with him by baptism that we might be raised with him.
      2. But if he didn’t rise, how does that give us hope of the resurrection?

When should you get baptized? 

  1. Example of believers baptized immediately after salvation
    1. Acts 2:37-41 – Jews at Pentecost
    2. Acts 8:9-13 – Simon the Sorcerer
    3. Acts 8:36-39 – The Ethiopian Eunuch
    4. Acts 9:1-18 – Paul baptized max 3 days later depending on when you believe he got saved
    5. Acts 10:43-48 – The Italian Band
    6. Acts 16:14-15 – Lydia
    7. Acts 16:27-34 – Philippian Jailer
  2. Why do churches delay baptism? – baptism does not represent:
    1. Your knowledge of the faith – should not need to sit through a 20 week class.
    2. Your commitment to a church – should not need to vow to keep the commandments of men.
    3. Your willingness to live right – you should not have to prove your worthiness by works.
    4. Your age – you should not have to wait until you’re “old enough” to be baptized if you are saved now.
      1. I don’t believe in having an age limit.
      2. I would like to hear their own salvation testimony apart from their parents.

 Who should do the baptizing? 

  1. What do we see in the word of God? – ordained men in church leadership
    1. John the Baptist
    2. John 4:2 – The disciples of Christ
    3. Acts 8 – Philip the Evangelist (Deacon)
    4. Acts 16 – Paul & Silas
  2. Example is not a Commandment.
    1. It’s possible that there isn’t always someone ordained in the area to do the baptism.
    2. Should a woman baptize believers? – I don’t believe it would invalidate a baptism but I don’t believe it should be done because it goes against the pattern we see in the word of God.
    3. Since it is not a matter of salvation and if it is out of your control, my opinion would be to just wait until a man in leadership comes to the area to be baptized.
    4. It makes sense to me that the person should be saved themselves.

Is my baptism valid? 

A valid baptism in my opinion is: you were saved and immersed.

  1. It should not be based on who baptized you.
    1. How can you prove they are saved?
    2. How can you prove they are legitimately ordained?
    3. How can you prove their spiritual or church “lineage”.
  2. But, why would I want to be knowingly baptized contrary to biblical example?
    1. eg. unleavened bread and wine is not a commandment, but why would I use it?
  3. The real issue is, have you obeyed the Lord in good conscience by being baptized with water and having that outward testimony?
    1. Some churches will not baptize you again even if you believe you have not been scripturally baptized.
    2. I leave that judgement up to you and your conscience to decide if you have been baptized according to scripture.
    3. Once you remove all the “perks” that come with baptism (ie. breaking of bread and church membership, voting), the “validity” becomes irrelevant and it just boils down to an issue of your obedience to God to have that public testimony.

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