We are an independent group of bible-believing Christians in the Sydney metropolitan area. One of our main goals is to knock on the door of every house in our local city and surrounding suburbs to bring them the gospel.

We are governed by the words of our Lord Jesus Christ and not by any denomination or religious organisation. Be part of a church that loves God, loves his Word and is passionate about winning the lost to Christ. We welcome you to fellowship together with us and labour in this great work.

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Victor Tey was born on 28th January 1986. He grew up in Perth WA and was raised as an athiest by the public school system. After his older brother, Jason Tey, was saved in 2001, they had countless discussions about christianity in the small 2-bedroom apartment that they shared. In 2005, Victor was finally convinced that the bible was the word of God and was born again.

In 2009 he travelled to Phoenix AZ, USA on a one year work/travel visa to visit and serve at Faithful Word Baptist Church (Pastor Steven L. Anderson). Whilst he was there, he met and married his wife, Elizabeth on the 7th August 2010. This unexpected turn of events lead them to Mexico in November 2010 where they lived for one year to apply for Elizabeth’s visa to Australia.

In November 2011 they returned to Australia and settled in Sydney to serve at Lighthouse Baptist Church and prepare for the ministry. On 22nd February 2015 he was ordained and sent out to gather a church in Punchbowl NSW by Pastor Mark Tossell and the church held its first gathering on 1st March 2015.

Victor and Elizabeth are raising five beautiful children, Simon (27/05/2011), Timothy (10/09/2012), Sarah (28/02/2014), Abel (25/08/2015), Baby (due 02/2018) and are praying to God for more.


When our church gathers together, it is about more than just the preaching. On Sundays we read the daily portion of the bible, have a time of prayer, sing hymns, have a bible study and then share a meal. We encourage you to join us for all these activities and take the opportunity to get to know your spiritual family better.


We have found that it is easier on everyone and also creates less wastage if the food is organised and bought centrally. Regular members contribute to the meal by helping to get the hall set up or cleaned up, or contributing financially what they would otherwise spend on food to cover the costs. We manage the numbers for food using an app called Team App. To let us know you are staying for dinner please RSVP using the link below.

TCiP on Team App

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Bible Reading

As a church we read through the bible together once every year starting from our church’s anniversary date. When we gather together we read the portion of scripture for that day. The chapters to read each day are marked on the calendar so you can print it out, stick it somewhere and mark it off as you read it. We want to encourage believers to get in the Word and also promote unity and bible discussion.

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Infants and Young Children

We are a family-friendly church and encourage you to have your children with you. Therefore we do not provide any separated child-minding services. We believe church should be the assembling of all God’s people, including the little ones. There are areas available for mothers to use if they need to feed, change, settle or discipline their children.

Dress Standards

We do not have any specific dress standards, but we do ask that you come to church dressed and groomed in a way that is modest and pleasing to the Lord. We want church to be a godly example and atmosphere for all genders and ages.


We prefer acappella congregational singing and believe this is the pattern we see in the New Testament and God’s intention for the church. We use slides with musical notation and encourage you to sing the harmonies if you are able.

Social Activities

Apart from our church gatherings and soul-winning times, we also like to organise social events for fun (eg. ten pin bowling, social futsal, camping trips) as well as group-buys (eg. organic groceries and meat) to help each other save money. We want to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted us with. Ideas for social activities are welcome!

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We welcome donations to fund the work of God and help those in need (1 Corinthians 16:1-3). Giving to us is always voluntary and we prefer not to practice a public collection. This helps to promote a spirit of “cheerful” and “purposeful” giving in our church (2 Corinthians 9:7). We try to keep all donations as anonymous as possible. This is so your heavenly reward is maximised (Matthew 6:1-4).

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All our media is non-copyright and free to re-distribute. If our church has been a blessing to you, please consider supporting us financially. Details on how you can do so are on our donate page.

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