A Vision for Fathers | Kevin Sepulveda

Preached by Kevin Sepulveda


Genesis 18:19 For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.

A father’s endorsement (04:44)

  1. The Lord paused to consider and endorse Abraham
    1. He knew him at a personal level
    2. Commanded his children and household
    3. Kept the way of the Lord
    4. Performed justice and judgement
  2. Can God say the same about you?
    1. As a father
    2. As a man hoping to father in future
      1. This was said before Abraham had his promised son Isaac.
      2. You can begin preparing prior to having children.

A reflection of God (06:20)

  1. A child’s first understanding of God
    1. How they view their natural father
    2. Children call you father for many years before knowing God as their father
    3. You are created in God’s image
    4. How well do you accurately reflect God?
  2. The earthly father and heavenly father. (Matthew 7:7-11)
    1. A father’s actions reflect God’s actions
      1. Provision of needs
      2. Satisfying hunger
      3. Keeping from harm
    2. The heavenly father listens to requests
      1. Earthly fathers should reflect this quality
      2. Be approachable
      3. Open communication builds the relationship
    3. Father’s need to provide. (1 Tim 5:8)
      1. Gives a man satisfaction
      2. The one who doesn’t is worse than an infidel (unbeliever)
      3. Do whatever it takes to provide
      4. You are reflecting God as a provider.
  3. Direct children’s eyes to the heavenly father.
    1. A young child thinks their father is:
      1. The strongest
      2. The wisest
      3. Without failure
    2. No man is perfect.
      1. Maturing children will see the weaknesses
      2. Be open about your mistakes
      3. Teach your children to avoid making the same mistakes
    3. This is the time to divert their eyes to God
      1. A father with no faults
      2. A father always ready to listen
      3. A father who always provides

Be known of God (17:16)
“For I know him…”

  1. God wants to know you intimately
    1. God knows all, but knew Abraham personally
    2. Abraham was God’s friend (James 2:23)
    3. Abraham sought to dwell with God (Hebrews 11:10)
    4. Eyes upon eternal and heavenly, not temporal and earthly.
  2. Seek to develop your relationship with God
    1. Bible reading
    2. Time of prayer
    3. Draw near to God (James 4:8)
    4. Prioritise the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33)

Take Command (20:31)
he will command his children and his household after him”

  1. Be the boss
    1. Abraham is praised for taking command
      1. Of his children
      2. Those of his household (including all servants)
      3. A father is expected to command his family
    2. Obedience is the measure
      1. How well do children obey?
      2. Do they love, respect and honour you?
      3. A child who obeys their father is more likely to obey God’s commands
      4. A child who loves their father is more likely to love God
  2. Be the leader
    1. Abraham commanded his family “after him”.
      1. He was the leader
      2. He led by example
    2. It’s more difficult to lead than to command.

Keep the way of the Lord (24:36)
“they shall keep the way of the LORD”

  1. A way is about direction
    1. Follow God’s way, not man’s
    2. The word of God directs our paths (Psalm 119:105)
  2. Jesus Christ is the way (John 14:6)
    1. This in regards to salvation by grace through faith
    2. Abraham led his family to faith
      1. His wife Sarah (Hebrews 11:11)
      2. His son Isaac (Hebrews 11:20)
  3. Train your child in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6)
    1. A child trained to follow God’s way, will not depart God’s way
    2. A child trained to follow the world’s way, will not depart the world’s way
    3. Create a pathway for your child to journey

Justice and Judgement (27:22)
“do justice and judgment”

  1. Judgement can be passed without justice
    1. eg. creation speaker Kent Hovind
      1. 9 years behind bars for withdrawing money
      2. The sentence does not reflect the “crime”.
  2. In regards to salvation
    1. God is just, therefore he must judge sin
  3. We must pass judgement with justice
    1. Anybody can pass judgement unjustly
    2. God expects us to do it with justice
    3. Best way to judge is to see what the bible says
      1. If God is for it, we ought to be for it
      2. If God is against it, we ought to be against it
    4. King Solomon understood this (2 Chron 1:7-12)
      1. Requested wisdom from God to judge justly
      2. We have that same wisdom available to us in God’s word

A Vision for Fathers (34:17)

A Vision for Fathers

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